Samuel Camburn is a resistance flexibility practitioner, movement specialist, and entrepreneur whose lifelong vision is to help people find their way to lasting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. He also strives to support people, companies, and causes that are creating positive change on a communal and global scale. 

Samuel’s interest in body kinetics, began when he was growing up on the camp his family ran and at age 14 became a team building ropes course instructor. After school and an unparalleled level of physical and mental training, he was selected to join the US Army Rangers. While there, he further developed his understanding of the body/mind connection and his interest in achieving optimal movement effectiveness and efficiency. This led him, once out of the army, to develop R320, a symmetric response obstacle course, designed to bring awareness to asymmetries and advance proprioceptive capabilities. And then to co-found Think, a rehabilitation and performance center with a focus on myofascial release and neuromuscular development.

Throughout these years he grew more and more conscious of the importance of factoring in the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of oneself and strove to include them in his work. This ultimately led him to discover and train with Bob Cooley and his technique Resistance Flexibility, which is a form of myofascial release that uses the physical practice of stripping away restrictions in the body to repair access to the other aspects of oneself.

Now an elite trainer with Cooley’s The Genius of Flexibility, Samuel continues to work in one of the main studios in Santa Barbara, but has also set up a private studio in Venice Beach to offer individualized classes, private sessions and training to those in the community interested in true development.