Samuel Camburn

Resistance Flexibility (RF) is a sophisticated healing modality that uses an associative database to map the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual worlds to the health of your tissue.  

This is a form of stretching where you begin in the most contracted state. Starting in a shortened position allows you find the paths of restriction that normally push you into the default patterns of moving and being that lead to aches, pains, and injuries. Every cell in the body is connected by fascia, fascia is the infrastructure of your tissue and part of the communication system in the body that plays a key role in connecting the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual worlds. This is the safest and most innate way to stretch and make significant changes in the accumulate dense fascia and/or scar tissue that make up your limitations. 

Whatever is going on with you and your life shows up in your tissue and the information you need is along the paths of restriction. That's the good news!  We can physically get our hands on something to change it.  Together we can get the obstacles out of the road and the body can more easily heal itself.