Private Session with Samuel

Private Session with Samuel


This is a private session with The Genius of Flexibility elite trainer Samuel Camburn. Each session he'll use The Genius of Flexibility database to analyze your true flexibility,  biomechanical patterns, postural alignment and the health of your tissue. He will work with you to discover your most restricted patterns physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, and use resistance flexibility to figure out how to best unlock them, finding the most effective and efficient sequence of movements. 

Ultimately you are the authority on yourself and trainers are the guides to teach you how to access the information within you. Your effort can be as light or intense as feels comfortable as long as you are connected to the movement. Making real change requires your participation.   

Please note: private sessions usually require two trainers, a lead and an assistant, in order to have enough force and stability to move the body through its most restricted patterns.

The price includes a $50 assistance fee